Words We Live By

One week from today, our community will be heading to the polls to celebrate freedom and the right to influence the future through the power of our vote. How do we decide who will represent us? Who will be our voice? It's not easy, not with so many messages in so many medias.

That's why today, and every day through Election Day, we will be sharing some of Paul's favorite quotes...some his own...some from those he admires. In this way, we hope that you can clearly hear his voice and decide if he is the State Senator you want speaking on your behalf.


"My wife said this to our children every morning before they left the house for school. These simple words have become a family mantra, keeping each of us focused on being the best person we can be. Donna's words have guided me during my years as a public servant in East Lyme, and I hope to bring these values to Hartford as your next State Senator." - Paul Formica

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