This fiction by my opponent has been the most frustrating. Energy rates are a complicated topic — not explained in a soundbite. I wrote a letter to PURA (Public Utilities Regulatory Authority) who sets and approves energy rates to suspend the July rate hike, which they did. I then co-wrote a utility reform bill mandating any utility rate hike must be based on performance moving forward including penalties paid to ratepayers for excessive outages. And, my efforts to save Millstone (producer of more than 50% of our State's power) saved 1500+ jobs gave us 10 years to seek alternative options.


My opponent has never created a job, and never had to make payroll. I have been endorsed by multiple Unions for my balanced approach to protecting, securing, and creating jobs by developing policies that keep companies in our State.

Thank you to restauranteur, Susan Tierney, for sharing your voice about the need for business skills in Hartford.




While I tremendously respect and honor all healthcare workers, I am a legislator who is a public servant and is deeply engaged in the 20th district. It is an insult to suggest that I am unaware or unsupportive of our vulnerable citizens. As Chair of the Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) Caucus, I fought for funding and policies to support those who need it most.

​Thank you, Kate Haaland (and her son Chris) for sharing your voice about my true core values




From annual mammograms to making pregnancy a qualifying condition for health insurance, on behalf of my daughters and the women leaders who run our family business, my record on supporting vital healthcare for women is undeniable. I am an advocate for supporting awareness of not only primary care but also mental health.

Thank you, Paul Dagle, for sharing your voice and true statements regarding my actions of the past 6 years.




If a man who cut, cooked, and served fresh fish for three decades isn't working class, I'm not sure who is. While I may not understand what my opponent is implying in her statements about my inability to understand the needs of working people, I know that without access to daycare, working can be impossible.

Which is why I was honored to help Monica restore her daycare center license and restore a resource for families in New London. 




If you care for someone who works at Millstone, are a vendor who supports the Plant, or a property owner in Waterford concerned about taxes, then this Truth is for you. I worked tirelessly to keep this local nuclear operation running, not only for the $1.5 billion economic impact for our state, but also to give us time to find alternative energy sources. Losing Millstone was unthinkable — the impact on energy rates, taxes, property values or the vacuum created by the loss of those jobs would have impacted generations.

​Thank you, First Selectman Rob Brule, for sharing your voice on the importance of saving Millstone and the impact on working families.




Science is winning and will win. Whether a vaccine to halt the pandemic or solutions to climate change and alternative energy. I have embraced science. I have hosted climate summits, reserved open space and pushed development for renewable energy. Ask my opponent what she has accomplished.

​I thank former healthcare advocate, Bill Stanley for sharing his voice about my approach to leading in the legislature.





Voices of the 20th District —

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