Formica Shares Passion


Formica Shares Passion


September 17, 2014


New London -- “You have to find that talent, find that passion, and once you can do that you can do anything,” Paul Formica said to a class of 23 freshman students at Mitchell College yesterday.


The first year class is an opportunity for the students to discover a path or passion they want to pursue in life.


Paul Formica, the candidate for the open State Senate seat of the 20th district, First Selectman of East Lyme, and Founder of Flanders Fish Market & Restaurant detailed his life full of ups and downs and finding his passion of serving others.


One of the students asked a question about his role as First Selectman.


“As First Selectman I am directly accountable for all aspects of the town of East Lyme. This includes responsibility for all personnel and Chairman of the Water and Sewer Commission,” Formica responded.


The discussion was received extremely well. Professor for the course, Kate McDonald exclaimed “Paul was incredibly inspiring and I know the students really enjoyed the presentation.”


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