Care & Share Celebrates 25 Years of Community Activism

Today marks the milestone 25th anniversary of Care & Share of East Lyme. This organization is particularly special to Paul, who, through the incredible services at Care & Share, was able to provide his then elementary-aged children with a means to give back to their community. Care & Share's community outreach services served as a vehicle to help Paul demonstrate to his children, firsthand, the power of giving, and the huge impact such a seemingly small act can have. To the good people at Care & Share who continue to act selflessly for the people of their community: "Congratulations to the dedicated community of Care & Share of East Lyme on your milestone 25th Anniversary. Every day, every year, your 100+ volunteers feed 1,500+ people from the communities of SALEM, EAST LYME AND NIANTIC. Thank you, for all you do — through an efficient model of neighbor to neighbor funding/support." — Paul Formica

Care & Share of East Lyme takes food donations every Saturday from 11AM-1PM at 12 Roxbury Road in Niantic. Please visit  to discover more ways you can help!

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