Final 20 on 20. Thank you, for your support.

The Final 20/20: from our home to yours. 

From the Alzheimer Walk to zydeco music, this has been a positive, enlightening campaign and we've been honored to share each moment...each 20 seconds.

For this last 20/20, Paul is off the campaign trail and in the kitchen - the place where he found his first calling, where he built his small business, and where his family meets every night to eat, share, and laugh together. 

Pasta is on the stove and his daughter, Ali, is behind the camera. Thank you for taking a moment to hear this last 20/20 before the polls open on Tuesday.

Words We Live By

One week from today, our community will be heading to the polls to celebrate freedom and the right to influence the future through the power of our vote. How do we decide who will represent us? Who will be our voice? It's not easy, not with so many messages in so many medias.

That's why today, and every day through Election Day, we will be sharing some of Paul's favorite quotes...some his own...some from those he admires. In this way, we hope that you can clearly hear his voice and decide if he is the State Senator you want speaking on your behalf.


"My wife said this to our children every morning before they left the house for school. These simple words have become a family mantra, keeping each of us focused on being the best person we can be. Donna's words have guided me during my years as a public servant in East Lyme, and I hope to bring these values to Hartford as your next State Senator." - Paul Formica - Officials Knock Malloy's Plans for Seaside

We gathered today in WATERFORD with long-standing friend, Dan Steward, First Selectman of Waterford, former Groton Town Mayor, Heather Somers and candidate for Lt. Governor, and Len Fasano, the state Senate minority leader... to offer a different voice regarding the future of Seaside. See link for further details.

As seen on TV: Our Campaign Message

Have you seen our ad running on local cable networks? We're proud of our positive approach to campaign messaging and recently updated our ad to reflect the endorsements of The Day and The Norwich Bulletin. If you haven't caught it, we're happy to share a web-friendly version...right here. As Paul says "thanks for watching!" — with Paul Formica.

Care & Share Celebrates 25 Years of Community Activism

Today marks the milestone 25th anniversary of Care & Share of East Lyme. This organization is particularly special to Paul, who, through the incredible services at Care & Share, was able to provide his then elementary-aged children with a means to give back to their community. Care & Share's community outreach services served as a vehicle to help Paul demonstrate to his children, firsthand, the power of giving, and the huge impact such a seemingly small act can have. To the good people at Care & Share who continue to act selflessly for the people of their community: "Congratulations to the dedicated community of Care & Share of East Lyme on your milestone 25th Anniversary. Every day, every year, your 100+ volunteers feed 1,500+ people from the communities of SALEM, EAST LYME AND NIANTIC. Thank you, for all you do — through an efficient model of neighbor to neighbor funding/support." — Paul Formica

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[ENDORSEMENT: THE DAY] — How about a woo hoo?! We're excited to share that The Day has given Paul "The Nod" as your next State Senator for the 20th District! 

Sharing that "he wants government to run efficiently and sees a need to ease the regulatory burden on business, but recognizes that fiscal cuts cannot go so deep that they impact critical state services," The Day echoes Paul's message in one, well-crafted paragraph. (see link for full endorsement)

To all friends, followers and supporters, Paul shares this response — "While I'm humbled and honored to receive local/state-wide endorsements, the most important opinion is that of the you — the voters. Please help me... help our communities... with your support on November 4th. Thank you."


ENDORSEMENT: Norwich Bulletin

Thank you to the editorial team of Norwich Bulletin for your endorsement!

We are honored by your selection of Paul and your opinion that "...he has ...enabled his community to continue to grow and prosper due to wise investments in infrastructure, prudent spending and strong leadership." (see link)

"I look forward to continuing to serve the community my family calls home, AND the greater district, by having an influence on actions at the State-level that impact our local municipalities." — Paul Formica.


Fone Formica

Coming up next week — FONE FORMICA. Paul plans on being a very accessible State Senator... and is ready to establish that fact...RIGHT NOW. Starting next Tuesday, Paul is hosting "Fone Formica" hours*, where he will be standing by to take your call.

Have a question on polices? Want to know his vision for economic development? Have a request for the session ahead? Fone Formica at 860.287.0546...he's listening.

Tuesday • 10/21: 6P - 7P
Friday • 10/24: 11A - Noon
Sunday • 10/26: 10A - 11A

* Not able to fit these times in your calendar? Call this number anytime. Paul will call you back (yes...he really will) at a time that works for you...because...well... soon he WILL work for you!foneformica.jpg

Formica Wins CBIA Business Support

Paul Formica Wins CBIA Business Support



Paul Formica, the Republican candidate for the 20th State Senate seat, has won the endorsement of the state’s largest business organization.

EndorsedThe Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA) this week endorsed Formica, the owner of Flanders Fish Market, for the last 31 years. Formica is the First Selectman of East Lyme who has been active in local business and government leadership initiatives.

“We need to elect more candidates like Paul Formica, who understands the importance of economic development and has a commonsense approach to dealing with issues of importance,” said Joe Brennan, CBIA executive vice president.

Formica, who lives in Niantic, believes tax reform, real discipline in state budgeting and more private sector solutions are needed to grow Connecticut’s economy.  

CBIA is Connecticut’s largest business organization, with 10,000 member companies. For more information, please contact Meaghan MacDonald (860.244.1957; [email protected]) or visit the CBIA Newsroom.

Formica has also earned the support of the National Federation of Businesses, the nation’s largest association for small business, as well as the endorsement from the CT Realtors Association, the state’s largest trade association.

Formica Debates Ritter in Respectful, Engaging Conversation about the Issues

Last night, Paul Formica and Betsy Ritter met at the Charter Oak Federal Credit Union in Waterford to engage in a lively and respectful debate to discuss the issues at hand for the 20th district Senate seat. It was a great turnout marked by exceptional community involvement, so thank you to all who attended and contributed to the conversation.

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